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We are a complex story aimed to simply make money, and save on taxes.

We are starting in the aviation business, servicing the Department of Defense (DoD) and, with our extra land, private aviation. Today the DoD wants everything touching their planes tracked, so we entered the software business, and our approach to SaaS compliance software is in demand in other industries. Our business operates in an Opportunity Zone and we are a QSBS to save on taxes for our investors.

Read on to see how our story intertwines, and perhaps why you will want to become an investor.


Invest with capital gains and defer them.* We are a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund.

Our business units:
  • 1Specialized DoD hangars for the installation of security software for transport and cargo planes. GRASS may be the ONLY DOD-compliant firm in the U.S. We cannot ink a contract until we are certified, but we believe it is reasonable to forecast more business as the only or near-only compliant firm.
  • 2Software to track DoD compliance, which is detailed and built on the blockchain. Every DoD contractor is also a potential client. And our SaaS is customizable for healthcare and cannabis compliance in the works).
  • 3With extra property and demand, GRASS will build more hangars for private jets. Big companies are also building in the Opportunity Zone-Google, Tesla, and others are already there. With Covid, more and more people have moved to flying private, and we believe that many do not plan to go back

Selling your shares: If you hold your shares for five years, the qualified small business stock credit will allow most investors to sell with tax-free capital gains.*

* There are specific limitations. GRASS does not provide personal tax advice; please consult your tax professional.

This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund
Qualified Business/Holding Company

This investment has been designated by the IRS as a Qualified Small Business Stock (”QSBS”), providing major tax benefits to investors of all levels.

Sierra Software Systems


Tracking inception to testing to compliance for highly regulated Department of Defense contract compliance.

We are modifying and customizing our blockchain-based software for implementation in many highly regulated government and business sectors, each with multi-billion-dollar potential.

Government Aviation

Government Aviation

GA Hangars
Private Aviation

Private Aviation

Aviation: Building our businesses in an opportunity zone, and scaling them by replicating them in opportunity zones across the country.

Government mandates have long been a staple of professional investors, and GRASS intends to grow rapidly by fulfilling unmet government mandates across highly regulated industries, focusing on those requiring well-documented, audited compliance—all tax-efficiently by taking advantage of two IRS regulations.

*The Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2018 “CEI: Federal Regulations Cost $1.9 Trillion Annually” by Tho Bishop

This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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What is in this hangar?
(SAMSARG, Inc.: State-of-the-art government hangars)

Inside this hangar is … REVENUE.

Aviation and software go hand in hand. We have the security clearances required to install classified, government defense software on transport and cargo planes vital to our defense and the transportation of elected officials.

Our management team boasts the aviation experience necessary to develop new, mandated high-tech hangars. We are strategically located—near bases, and in opportunity zones set to be tax-deferred or tax-free!

The Department of Defense needs better security for transport and cargo aircraft. This requires new specialized facilities, as well as software to prove and document compliance, to track every aircraft from the moment they’re taken offline to when they’re back in the skies. Much of this is security-oriented, which can save lives, helping to protect those who protect us.

This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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Sierra Software Systems (SaaS)

Compliance isn’t boring — it’s about protection.
(Sierra Software Systems: Department of Defense aviation compliance software)

Compliance software solves the documentation process from the moment a plane enters our hangar until it goes back online. Our innovative technology, programmed on the blockchain, creates a detailed, secure, indelible audit trail for complex compliance processes.

This software documents every detail, all in accordance with the highest and newest government mandates for safety and security: every act of maintenance, technology upgrades, and the location and time each step was performed, tested, and verified. SaaS compliance software allows us to scale our offering, once proven, to service many other government contractors.


Combining the hangars and software =
1+1=3 or “even 4”

The high-tech hangar business—aside from its profit and replicability potential—is the ultimate testing ground for our compliance software. Without it, we would be just another software developer hoping to understand the nuances of the industry from our desks. Instead, we are forging the path, creating the protocols, and advancing our software to the new industry standard.


Profiting from our additional land

GRASS is constructing a smaller and less high-tech (but more posh) version of its hangar for private aircraft—a swiftly growing business servicing the ultra-wealthy and corporations seeking to avoid commercial air travel. This trend emerged even before the pandemic.

Government and military contractor security companies pointed us to this lucrative means of monetizing our less desirable dirt within the Opportunity Zones, ensuring more diversity to our revenue and aiming to add additional profits to our bottom line. These areas are super private, adding the safety and exclusivity sought after by these types of clients.


We are a Qualified Small Business Stock

Every investor who holds our stock for 5 years + 1 day can receive 10 times their cost basis + their original investment back TAX-FREE every year going forward, up to a maximum of $10 million in tax-free gains (per IRC 1202, Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)).

Qualified Opportunity Zone

All of our businesses are located within an Opportunity Zone, providing investors with capital gains—a simple way to defer or eliminate the taxes on those gains. This includes: long- and short-term gains from the sale of stocks, bonds, property, or the interest in a partnership. These gains, when invested into an Opportunity Zone fund, not only defer the taxes, but also grow tax-free.

Please consult with a tax professional for personalized advice.


This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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For additional and more detailed information about investing in GRASS, please download our investment guide.


This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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The future has arrived for our shareholders.

  • We have already identified the location of our next hangars and are securing the land within Opportunity Zones
  • Our software scales into other industries that require strict compliance and accountability

We are looking to expand into healthcare, where we are already seeking approval for HIPAA compliance. Our focus: prescriptions. Different doctors, prescriptions, or pharmacies can cause drug interactions that can kill patients. Tracking, verifying, and documenting every step of the process across doctors and pharmacies can save lives, as well as billions of dollars.

Lastly, this one may sound out of place, but it makes sense: the legal cannabis industry. We can, from seed (or plant-cloning) to final sale, track, verify, and document every step of the process. This is designed to prevent products from being diverted to the black market and, even more importantly, ensure that the appropriate taxes are paid—one of the driving forces of the legalization of the industry.


Our broad spectrum leadership is seasoned and experienced, with a network of contacts in the military, aerospace, and aviation spaces, as well as business and construction management. They include:

Don Harmer,
President & CEO, GRASS
Don is the president and CEO of Corporate Services of Nevada. He has served as a confidential consultant and counselor to more than 3,000 clients around the world since 1993, focusing on enterprise risk management and operational and HR assessment. He has significant experience as a leader of small to mid-sized high-growth start-ups, emergent small businesses, and non-profits, including power generation and global energy firms, at both the key executive and board of director levels. Don provides ongoing guidance in the operation and success of Corporate Services of Nevada. He currently resides in Nevada with his wife and three daughters.
Greg Johnson,
President & CEO, SAMSARG
Greg boasts more than 40 years of experience in the defense aerospace industry. He was a chief engineer for aircraft survivability systems and maintains a professional engineering license. He received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Montana State University and a Master of Science in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has worked for several high-tech defense companies, including BAE Systems, AFOTEC, EG&G Special Projects, Litton Applied Technology, and Rockwell International. He was born in Montana and has resided in Nevada, with his wife for the past 23 years.
Dan Shore,
President & CEO, RAGSS
Dan, as both a founding investor and officer of RAGSS, brings decades of experience in real estate, particularly within Shore Management and Development, to the GRASS mission. Dan has leveraged his success as a business owner to become a trusted investor and advisor to multiple tech- and conservation-based entrepreneurial ventures throughout northern Nevada and beyond. He received his Bachelor of Science in construction management from the Cal Poly School of Architecture and currently resides in Nevada, with his wife.

This investment is open to everyone! Most “Opportunity Zone” and other tax-deferred offerings are open only to the very wealthy.
Our Minimum Investment: $1,000

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Our Aviation Business is Taking Off

  • We have already poured the concrete for our specialized hangars
  • Working on Department of Defense revenue
  • Interest from private aviation
  • 100% made in America (complying with DoD mandates)

Cutting-Edge Software That Can Scale

  • Our blockchain-bsed SaaS diligently tracks the entire compliance process and is in serious beta
  • Ability to scale—focused uses in healthcare, legal cannibas, and potentially more

Tax Advantages

  • We are a Qualified Small Business Stock
  • All of our operations are in qualified Opportunity Zones
  • These qualifications allow investors to defer and/or reduce their taxes

We invite you to join us as shareholders in GRASS,
investing in a safer, more efficient future.

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