We are conducting our Reg A+ funding round soon – details to come. While most Opportunity Zone and other tax-deferred investments are reserved for the very wealthy, GRASS is open to investors of all income and experience levels.

Our minimum investment is just $1,000.

Investor considerations:
  • We are a diversified high-growth company focused on aviation and SaaS.
  • We are leveraging our knowledge and insights of regulatory compliance in government aviation, private aviation, SaaS for government aviation, healthcare, and the tight regulations of legal cannabis.
  • We are a Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)*: every investor that holds our stock for 5 years + 1 day can receive 10 times their cost basis + their original investment back TAX-FREE every year going forward, up to a maximum of $10 million in tax-free gains through IRC 1202.
  • Opportunity Zone Fund Qualification allows the transfer, deferral, or elimination of capital gains taxes.*
  • No general or limited partners—just shareholders, who are treated equally no matter how much or how little they invest.
  • No carried interest to pay fund managers at the expense of regular shareholders.
  • Profits aren’t used to reward insiders—they are reinvested back into the business.
  • For corporate governance purposes, we award each shareholder one vote. Whether you buy one share or a thousand, you have equal say in our company.

*Please consult your tax professional for personalized tax advice.