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You’ve started your investment process in GRASS, a unique investment open to investors of all income and wealth levels, and we know why: GRASS’s cutting-edge approach to high-tech hangars, aviation maintenance, and SaaS compliance tracking aims to change the face of DoD and private aviation, allowing the SaaS to scale and expand into new industries, all while offering investors substantial tax advantages.

Here are five concrete reasons why we think you should complete your investment TODAY:

1 GRASS is more than tax-friendly — it is truly tax-advantaged.

GRASS is a C-Corp structured as a Qualified Small Business Stock.* This means every investor who holds our stock for 5 years + 1 day can receive any gains up to 10 times their cost basis + their original investment back TAX-FREE going forward, up to a maximum of $10 million in tax-free gains (per IRC 1202).

All of our businesses are located within qualified Opportunity Zones.* This provides our investors with both short-and long-term capital gains, a simple way to defer and reduce their taxes.

Existing capital gains are deferred until December of 2026* and paid with a 10% discount in 2027. Capital gains reinvested in this security and held for 10 years or more are free from capital gains tax.

*Everyone’s tax situation is unique. Please consult your tax professional to see how this investment may benefit you.


2 The Department of Defense’s aviation services and SaaS compliance are in demand.

Our first task: servicing the government and military with our state-of-the-art hangars.
Our government aviation arm, SAMSARG, is focused on securing and building state-of-the-art, high-tech hangar facilities, servicing transport and cargo aircraft and providing compliance documentation as required today (many firms are behind guidelines) and other required maintenance. Our processes are built to comply with rigorous Department of Defense requirements. We currently hold 45-year leases on prime hangar property near military bases in Opportunity Zones in Nevada and look to build 10 to 15 new hangars in the future (and we have already found our next location!).

3 We’re profiting from the growth of private aviation.

Our specialized services aim to meet growing demand within private aviation.
Even before the pandemic began, travelers of means and corporations have grown increasingly wary of commercial flights. Consequently, private jet traffic has risen: in 2020, it rose by a whopping 70%, according to industry data and Private Jet Card comparisons. Moreover, our primary hangar development location—Silver Springs, Nevada— is conveniently located near tech giants such as Tesla and Google. We plan to build between four and six private aviation facilities within the next five years to meet growing demand.


4 ComplianceTech, Sierra Software Systems: our one-of-a-kind, blockchain-based technology is designed to improve complex regulatory compliance processes.

Our ITAR-compliant SaaS platform can be used by all government contract holders and tracks the entire compliance process, from inception to testing to online. Sierra Software is designed to meet new, constantly evolving government requirements, and aims to streamline the complex compliance process by integrating contractors, subcontractors, and military buyers into a single, transparent, and easy-to-use network.

5 The Future is NOW: our SaaS will be customized to meet the needs of other highly regulated, lucrative industries—beginning with healthcare and legal cannabis.

Our core technology assigns a single number to every patient so that doctors, pharmacists, and other providers can instantly call up comprehensive records to prevent drug interactions and other issues that arise from decentralized patient care. Our SaaS is safe from data breaches, fraud, and cybertheft because of the nature of blockchain technology. We are approaching HIPAA compliance.

Our compliance tracking software securely documents cannabis growth and distribution for medical and recreational use from clone to end use, and for CBD projects from seed to end use. It ensures products are produced to comply with government regulations, mitigating regulatory risk for cannabis market participants and ensuring that taxes are paid to state and local governments, a major driver of legalization.

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