The Next Chapter of American Innovation:
The Growth of Regulatory Compliance

Welcome to GRASSGrowth Resources, Assets, Safety, & Stability—a qualified opportunity zone fund focused on applying cutting-edge technology to complex compliance processes.



Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund
Qualified Business/Holding Company

This investment has been designated by the IRS as a Qualified Small Business Stock (”QSBS”), providing major tax benefits to investors of all levels.

Sierra Software Systems


Tracking inception to testing to compliance for highly regulated Department of Defense contract compliance.

We are modifying and customizing our blockchain-based software for implementation in many highly regulated government and business sectors, each with multi-billion-dollar potential.

Government Aviation

Government Aviation

GA Hangars
Private Aviation

Private Aviation

Aviation: replicating and scaling aviation businesses in current and additional Opportunity Zones.

Aviation Businesses


Government (SAMSARG, Inc.)

  • Secure high-tech hangar facilities that require specialized specifications
  • Servicing transport and cargo aircraft, including security system installation
  • Additional maintenance
  • Compliance documentation

Private (GA Hangars)

  • Adjacent to the SAMSARG military facilities within the Opportunity Zone
  • New construction to attract corporate and wealthy clients
  • New construction to serve TRIC corporations’ travel needs while offering a short trip between TRIC and Silver Springs Regional Airport (as opposed to Reno International Airport)
  • Service, maintenance, and other high-margin services
  • Private aviation was on the rise even before COVID-19

software Businesses
Blockchain-Based Compliance SaaS
Within an Opportunity Zone




  • Inspired by the compliance requirements and honed at our high-tech hangars
  • ITAR compliance
  • SaaS
  • Multi-billion-dollar market opportunity across military contractors

Private Sector
Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunities in Highly Regulated Industries That Require Government Compliance

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Aimed at ending negative drug interactions, aligning doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and patients
Legal Cannabis
  • Clone to final sale or seed to final sales, ensuring no black market sales or supplies
  • Tax compliance at each step of the supply chain to final sales—a key driver of legalization

Two Distinct Ways That Benefit All Investors


Our Corporation Is a C-Corp Set Up As a Qualified Small Business Stock

Every investor who holds our stock for 5 years + 1 day can receive 10 times their cost basis + their original investment back TAX-FREE every year going forward, up to a maximum of $10 million in tax-free gains (per IRC 1202).

*Please consult your tax professional for personalized tax advice.

Opportunity Zone Fund Qualification*

  • All of our businesses are located within an Opportunity Zone.
  • This gives our investors with both short-and long-term capital gains a simple way to defer and reduce their taxes. This applies to gains derived from the sale of stocks, bonds, property, or the interest in a partnership (e.g. real estate/1031 exchange, hedge fund, or sale of a business).
  • Existing capital gains are deferred until December 2026 and paid with a 10% discount in 2027. All gains from this investment are tax-free when held for 10 years.


Our broad spectrum leadership is seasoned and experienced, with a network of contacts in the military, aerospace, and aviation spaces, as well as business and construction management. They include:

Don Harmer,
President & CEO, GRASS
Don is the president and CEO of Corporate Services of Nevada. He has served as a confidential consultant and counselor to more than 3,000 clients around the world since 1993, focusing on enterprise risk management and operational and HR assessment. He has significant experience as a leader of small to mid-sized high-growth start-ups, emergent small businesses, and non-profits, including power generation and global energy firms, at both the key executive and board of director levels. Don provides ongoing guidance in the operation and success of Corporate Services of Nevada. He currently resides in Nevada with his wife and three daughters.
Greg Johnson,
President & CEO, SAMSARG
Greg boasts more than 40 years of experience in the defense aerospace industry. He was a chief engineer for aircraft survivability systems and maintains a professional engineering license. He received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Montana State University and a Master of Science in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has worked for several high-tech defense companies, including BAE Systems, AFOTEC, EG&G Special Projects, Litton Applied Technology, and Rockwell International. He was born in Montana and has resided in Nevada, with his wife for the past 23 years.
Dan Shore,
President & CEO, RAGSS
Dan, as both a founding investor and officer of the "qualified business", brings decades of experience in real estate, particularly within Shore Management and Development, to the GRASS mission. Dan has leveraged his success as a business owner to become a trusted investor and advisor to multiple tech- and conservation-based entrepreneurial ventures throughout northern Nevada and beyond. He received his Bachelor of Science in construction management from the Cal Poly School of Architecture and currently resides in Nevada, with his wife.


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